GHWY backs #ProtectStudentChoice campaign 

GHWY is backing the #ProtectStudentChoice campaign, which is concerned about the Government’s decision to phase out BTEC qualifications. 

BTECs are currently a significant route that students from non-traditional backgrounds use to enter HE and there are major concerns that their withdrawal will leave many without a viable pathway after their GCSEs, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Sixteen-year-olds in England can currently choose between three types of Level 3 qualification: academic qualifications such as A levels, technical qualifications that lead to a specific occupation, and applied general qualifications such as BTECs that combine academic learning with the development of practical skills. 

Under the Government’s proposals, this would be replaced with a two-route model of A levels and T levels (a new suite of technical qualifications), where most young people pursue one of these qualifications at the age of 16.  

The proposals would result in funding for the majority of BTECs being removed. This is despite them being popular with students and respected by employers and universities. They can be studied alongside, or instead of, A levels and provide an important alternative to T levels.  

The campaign has been launched by a coalition of 18 organisations that represent and support staff and students in schools, colleges and universities. Read its joint position statement and its joint letter to the Secretary of State for Education. 

Further information, and a petition against the proposals, can be found at Protect Student Choice.