GHWY widening participation article published in journal

GHWY is pleased to have an article published in the journal Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning.

‘Reframing widening participation towards the community: a realist evaluation’ draws on data collected from Higher Education Progression Officers (HEPOs), our schools and college based colleagues. It explores the ways in which their roles and their work function to ‘normalise’ widening participation activity and discourse within these institutions.

It also considers how our model of bespoke delivery allows HEPOs to develop a locally-tailored approach that takes account of the wider community context, and the specific needs of the young people with whom they work, to ensure that the activity they offer is the ‘best fit’ for those young people.

The article was written by Anna Woodhouse (GHWY’s Research and Evaluation Manager), Adam Formby (GHWY’s Academic Consultant) and Jemma Basham (former GHWY Research and Evaluation Manager).

Read the article here (subject to access rights). If you work at one of our member organisations and would like to receive a PDF copy please contact