Online tool to help ‘go green’

FutureGoals has launched a new online resource to teach young people everything they need to know about the climate crisis, including the ways in which they can help, the green careers available and the skills needed for those careers.   

Go Green aims to help young people and adults understand more about the green sector, with activities, information, animations and next steps. The resource can be used by learners themselves, or educators and advisors to inform the people they work about the green sector, jobs and skills needed. 

The resource includes sections on: 

  • Green jobs: What is a green job, how to get one, and examples of apprenticeships, courses and qualifications to support green jobs 
  • Green skills: The transferable skills that are crucial to achieving a future green career, within five key areas – Critical thinking Creativity, Curiosity, Change Management and Collaboration 
  • Next steps: Activities, information about how to research careers, and links to other resources such as Virtual Work Experience 

FutureGoals is delivered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and provides inspiration and support to help people of all ages choose their career paths, give them the right skills and experience to start work or change career and provide vital links between education and employers. 

More broadly, WYCA is committed to a greener future for West Yorkshire, with the establishment of a Green Jobs Taskforce to create 1,000 well paid, skilled jobs for young people. 

Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) is complementing and extending the work of WYCA through collaboration with our 13 higher education providers in the region. We will develop an online repository of green skills provision between our members, for use by employers to see how they can meet green skills gaps, and for learners to choose HE courses to meet their own green career ambitions. 

The green skills course repository will be published on the GHWY website in late summer 2022. If you’d like to discuss this resource, please contact Higher Level Skills Manager Nichola Cassé