Putting pupils in control: an action research project exploring progression opportunities

Go Higher West Yorkshire is a partnership of 12 Higher Education Providers, and we operate the HEFCE-funded National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) in our region. Across our partners, provision includes a diverse offer of progression opportunities for people of all ages to access Higher Education – including apprenticeships, diplomas and flexible degree programmes alongside more traditional ones. Part of our innovative programme of delivery is to work with cohorts of pupils to encourage them to think positively about their progression options and opportunities.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that progression options are traditionally limited for learners from disadvantaged postcode areas. Limiting factors are believed to be: a lack of information and awareness of opportunities available beyond immediate family or social circles, and restricted evidence-based reference points (parents or siblings’) positive personal experiences of progression. We tested these beliefs by working with young people growing up in these communities.

Our pilot project, with one of our partner schools (Castleford Academy), worked with a school selected mixed gender group of twelve Year 9 learners to support their development as ‘action researchers’ charged with exploring options and opportunities available to them when they eventually leave school and progress to the next stage in their lives.

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