Report considers success of Care to Go Higher’s virtual CPD programme

GHWY has prepared a short report on the 2021 edition of the Care to Go Higher CPD programme that summarises the key findings from the programme and considers potential improvements for future courses. 

The programme brought together key influencers of children in care from across West Yorkshire to take part in six different sessions based around topics relating to care-experienced young people and higher education. In total 27 participants graduated from the course and their views shape the content of the report. 

The report analyses the findings from surveys that participants completed before and after the course as well as pre and post each session. Using the same criteria as the pilot programme for these evaluations meant that direct comparisons of results could be made, and the results suggest that the virtual programme was equally valuable in improving participants’ knowledge. 

Written feedback from course participants was also used as part of the evaluation with several learners commenting on how the CPD programme had been a valuable way of improving their knowledge of higher education. Another common feature was the positive feeling towards session speakers, with participants remarking on how much they enjoyed hearing from staff and students at HE providers. 

One participant noted: “The guest speakers were excellent, and it was nice to hear real life reviews and comments and reflections.” 

Another one said: “This course has equipped me with excellent and valuable knowledge, and resources, which will be extremely useful when having higher education conversations with young people.” 

The report also considers possible next steps for the programme. This could involve a blended approach to running the course, with some sessions on campus and some taking place online. There is also an opportunity to expand GHWY’s work with key influencers of young people to other underrepresented groups in higher education.  

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