Care to Go Higher

As a partnership of West Yorkshire higher education providers, we have a shared responsibility to help care leavers reach their potential through economic and educational progress. To address the challenges young people face when leaving the care system, we’ve introduced our pilot Care to Go Higher programme. Care professionals will be embedded in a higher education environment to garner first-hand perspectives and experiences, which they can share with those for whom they are providing care.


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We are now recruiting with sessions throughout June and July 2023. Please sign up below.

Care to Go Higher – Registration


Session 1: Introduction to the programme and Go Higher West Yorkshire

Session 2: Raising Aspirations & Supporting Decisions

Session 3: Benefits of Higher Education

Session 4: Routes into Further Education and Higher Education

Session 5: Support Available for Care Leavers

Session 6: Conclusions, Reflections and Next Steps

Sessions will take place online on Microsoft Teams. You will be added to our private platform to access the resources, links to the sessions and for further discussions.

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All sessions will run from 10:00-12:00
If these dates are not suitable please contact Dominic House on and we will explore the potential of adding additional dates.