Supporting the journey of adult learners: The path to Higher Education 

Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY), in collaboration with Life Long Learning at the University of Leeds, has launched a web-page dedicated to adult learners pursuing Higher Education (HE). 

A substantial number of individuals aged 21 and over (sometimes referred to as mature students) opt to resume their studies for an array of reasons. These range from acquiring new skills, changing their career trajectory, enhancing job opportunities, or merely following their passion within a subject or field.  

Our site helps to guide these individuals through the academic journey and answer questions they may have about different routes to achieving qualifications, available funding opportunities, whether they will be able to fit study around existing work and family commitments, and much more besides.  

It also offers prospective students guidance on which type of institution best fits their needs. This includes universities, colleges equipped with HE provision, and conservatoires, which cater to specialised performance-based education. 

Visit our new resources within our adult learner section. 

Adult learners make up a considerable percentage of students on a national scale. Their presence in academic institutions is invaluable, with their diverse experiences and accumulated knowledge enriching the learning environment, which benefits peers and educators alike.  

HE refers to education at Level 4 and above. To provide a comparison, GCSEs and their equivalents are Level 2 and A-levels, BTECs and their counterparts are Level 3. Any academic pursuit above these levels is HE. 

Embracing education at any age is a testament to the undying spirit of learning and growth. With our newly introduced section, we hope to guide and assist every adult learner in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.