Supporting young fathers into HE

An information leaflet that supports young fathers with HE interests has been produced by Leeds Trinity University and Young Dads Collective North.

The booklet is one of the outcomes of a collaborative project between the two organisations called ‘Young Fathers: Higher Education Experiences’.

Funded by Leeds ACTS!, researchers investigated the HE experiences and aspirations of young fathers. They also explored the role of local practitioners and universities in providing better access, information and support for young fathers who aspire to enter HE, or who are already in HE.

The project’s key findings include that young fathers believe education is important for improving their family’s livelihood, yet many lack adequate professional support and advice. It also found that many local practitioners feel they have limited knowledge themselves about HE.

Researchers recommended that – among other things – HE advice needs to be clearer, particularly around financial support, and that collaborations between local practitioners and HE establishments would be advantageous in relation to the support needs of young fathers.

View the information leaflet, and read the full research findings and recommendations.