Young Carers Go Higher

Support from our Partners Institutions

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about the accessibility of higher education to young carers. With the right help and knowledge, higher education can become accessible. This support ranges from financial, to planning care support systems at home, to coordinating with care organisations to enable you the time to study. The earlier you notify your university or college about your caring commitments, the more they can help you succeed and enjoy your time in Higher Education.

  • Rye’s story

    Rye tells the story of how he transitioned from caring for his mother for eight years to a full-time university student, including the planning and support systems at his university ages 11 to 19

  • Elsa’s story

    Elsa talks of balancing caring – helping her brother with autism – with after school study club commitments as she works toward university, and the support and advice she receives.

Colleges and Universities

Support offered by our 13 higher education provider partners.

Bradford College

1:1 support is available. As a College we understand that not all young carers have the same responsibilities and these responsibilities could change throughout their academic year so these students may wish to engage with services more as they feel the need.

Support in the form of advocacy can be provided to help raise or share concerns with tutors, speak to Student Finance about help with travel to and from college as well as bursaries and help in accessing the Counselling Service

Website and contact information

Safeguarding Team or call 01274 088999

Calderdale College

The 16-19 Bursary is a weekly paid bursary of up to £1,200 per year including any course equipment to assist vulnerable learners. For more information please email the team on or visit

Our Advice and Guidance Team offer:

  • Financial advice and assistance if you need help with equipment, fees, or travel
  • Careers and Student Advisors to give you the necessary help and guidance you need when you are progressing on to further and higher education or employment
  • 1 to 1 support, someone to talk to, trained counsellors provide a confidential, supportive counselling service.

Website and contact information

Advice & Guidance
01422 399 367

Student Services
01422 399 367

Kirklees College

Young carers may qualify for our Bursaries, more info can be found here.

Progress Coach in curriculum area to support Young Carer. Access to 1:1 support. Adjusted timetables to support with caring responsibilities. Links with Barnardo’s and Care to learn.

Website and contact information

Or contact our Progress Coach, PAD and Care coordinator manager-

Leeds Conservatoire

The Leeds Conservatoire Student Services team is made up of experienced staff who can help with most student issues. They’re here to give you support and guidance whenever you need it during your studies – making sure you have the best support possible. The important thing is knowing it’s okay to ask for help, the sooner the better. Our student services web pages are full of information on many topics, from finance and accommodation to health to disability support. Each section has an email address you can use to contact the relevant team if you have a specific query. If your question is more general then is a great place to send it to.

University Centre Leeds

We offer support applying for additional student finance (Adult Dependant Grant and Childcare grant). Students may also be eligible for the University Centre Leeds bursary.

We offer support from our Student Support Team and financial support team. This includes our Counselling and Mental Health Officer who can offer one to one, short term counselling if necessary and signposting to relevant support for young carers if this is needed.

Website and contact information

or contact Emma Lockwood, HE Counselling and Mental Health Officer

Leeds Arts University

The Student Welfare team will be able to indicate where financial support may be available through an application to support from the University Hardship Fund.

If you are in a situation of providing care for another person, there is a range of support that the university can provide for you. It is important to let us know your situation and the potential impact that it may have on your participation and success in your studies.

You can contact and receive support through the Leeds Arts University Student Support team, Student Welfare Team, your course academic tutor or through the Student Union.

When you are on campus you can drop into Student Welfare, in the corridor near the Mosaic café in the Blenheim Walk campus, to have a discrete conversation about your circumstances with a member of the team.

Receive academic help.  Explaining your situation with your Academic Tutor will help them to provide support and consideration of your circumstances, where you may need flexibility in attending particular times or events or meeting assignment deadlines.  There is a process called ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ (EC) that can be applied for if an extension of time is required prior to an assessment.  Your tutor will be also able to suggest who else to turn to at the university; such as the Student Support team, Student Welfare team and the Student Welfare Officer in the Student Union.

Health and Wellbeing support. Your health and wellbeing is important to us.  Before starting your studies at the University you can arrange a quiet and bespoke meeting to discuss your circumstances with a member of the Student Welfare team.

Website and contact information

Student Welfare

Leeds College of Building

Young Carers may be entitled to financial support, depending on household income; for example, free meals, discounted travel and bursary payments, to help you make the most of your time at College

Every first-year student is paired up with either a Personal Adviser or Learning Mentor. They will be your go-to person who will make sure you are settling into College life, making friends and managing your workload. You will have regular reviews and telephone chats, and they are available at any time during College hours if you have a problem or question.

Website and contact information

You can call Student Services on 0113 222 6002.

Leeds Beckett University

The Primary Carer Bursary is intended to assist full-time undergraduate students who are the primary carer for a dependant adult while studying. Offers up to a maximum of £1,500 per year of study, it is based on individual circumstances and more info can be found here or email


Our Student Advice Hub Team are a good starting point for any young carers  to help make sure you have access to and are aware of the support, opportunities and services our University provides.


Student Wellbeing are a Counselling and Mental Health service and provide emotional and mental health support to students.


Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Advice Service provides confidential and independent free help and advice to all students at Leeds Beckett University.
Phone: 0113 812 8400 or email:


Students can also access KOOTH Student which is a free online Counselling & Emotional Wellbeing Support service. The counsellors provide regular counselling sessions, as well as drop-in chats to discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing.


Website and contact information

Student Wellbeing or call 0113 8128507

Leeds Trinity University

Young carers can access the same pre-entry support as care experienced young people. This includes:

  • Bespoke visits to the University from Year 7 upwards
  • Tailored financial advice and help with student finance applications
  • Access to our contextualised admissions scheme, Reward Scheme Residential
  • Support from our Care Leaver Contact

Once at the University all our students have access to an on-site counselling service and tailored and drop in support from the Learning Hub.

Website and contact information

Gillian Elvidge

University of Bradford

The Student Life Manager can assist with managing your money and applying for all financial support available to you.

We offer a named point of contact throughout time at university (Student Life Manager and UK/EU Recruitment Officer).

The support we offer includes:

  • Arranging to meet with you within your first few weeks at Bradford to answer any of your questions and to produce a bespoke support plan.
  • Be a central point of contact for you throughout your studies, supporting you with any questions or concerns you may experience.
  • Signposting you to the wide range of Student Support teams available, as and when you need them.

Website and contact information 

Sarah Jones, Student Life Manager or

Emma Thomason, UK/EU Recruitment Officer. or or call 01274 232001

University of Huddersfield

Young Carers can access support from the Wellbeing team with initial appointment in the first instance. There would be a follow-on meeting if required. There is a mixture of wellbeing and support services available for young carers including:

  • One-to-one meetings with an advisor through the daily drop-in hours, or booked appointments
  • Counselling
  • Workshops and support groups
  • Wellbeing events
  • Academic support

Website and contact information

Student Wellbeing

University of Leeds

We do not currently offer a bursary specific to young carers, but the university offers a non-repayable bursary called Leeds Financial Support. Eligibility is based on your assessed household income and the details of how much you would be eligible for are here.  (If you are not a recipient of the means tested scholarship).

Young Carers would be eligible to join the Plus Programme. This would comprise of a variety of support including paid for social events, access to our Opportunities Fund to support with employability and extracurricular activities, access to mentoring schemes, insight days, wellbeing support, amongst many other opportunities.

We would recommend that you inform one of the student support officers in the academic school of you being a young carer. This staff member can discuss your needs with you and inform other relevant staff where appropriate. You would also discuss things such as mitigating circumstances and ensuring the timetable fits your needs.

It also worth looking at Access to Leeds, which gives eligible students up to a 2 grade drop in entry requirements for courses (so ABB for Medicine rather than AAA). All students have to meet certain criteria, however. If you feel being a carer has disrupted your studies, that would count as already meeting one of out of the two criteria requirements.

Website and contact information

The Plus Programme

Wakefield College

The Care Givers Bursary award will be made available to any home student who is a carer for a family member with long-term ill-health or disability. A cash award of up to £1,000 in each year of study, which is available to home students on full-time or part-time programmes of study within the Bursary agreement and excluding repeat years, more info here.

We know you’ll have other commitments as well as your course, so we offer you high-quality teaching in small groups, providing you with the flexibility you need in a supportive learning environment that is tailored to your needs and closer to home.

Website and contact information

Andrew Cawtheray –
your first point of contact for financial matters

Andy Kendall –

Study Support Officer
Jayne Kaye –
Student Engagement and Student Ambassador scheme

Young Adult Carer Lead
Carol Price –