UCAS Fair Access Programme- Understanding Underrepresented Groups and Progression Data

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Welcome to our UCAS Fair Access Programme Webinar, aimed at supporting underrepresented students in higher education. In this session, we’re joined by Ellie Rowley from UCAS, who will share insights and resources to help advisors guide these students on their educational journeys.

Webinar Summary:

  1. Overview of the Fair Access Programme: Discover how UCAS is working to inspire and remove barriers for underrepresented students, including both UK and international applicants.
  2. Key Data Insights: Get the latest trends in higher education applications, with a focus on the rise in STEM subjects and changes in student demographics.
  3. Support for Specific Student Groups:
    • Young Carers: Learn about the unique challenges faced by young carers and the resources available to support them.
    • Students with Disabilities and Mental Health Conditions: Understand the increase in students disclosing disabilities and how UCAS is enhancing support.
    • Care Experienced Students: Explore the particular needs of care experienced students and the guidance they require.
  4. Resources and Tools: Find out about the various toolkits, training modules, and student-facing materials UCAS offers to help advisors support their students effectively.
  5. New Developments: Hear about exciting new tools like the Outreach Connection Service, the entry grades tool, and the fee waiver for students on free school meals.

Ellie also highlights the importance of early engagement with students and using UCAS resources to aid in their decision-making processes.

Note: Due to technical issues only audio was recorded for this session. The presentation and time-stamps can be found below within the Webinar.

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