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  • Employability Essentials resource pack

    Our Employability Essentials resource will help outreach staff provide the right support and advice to students and learners about approaching the skills they have now and the soft skills they will need to gather for future employment.

    Our aim is to both enhance the employability of participants – young people, parents and carers – as well as excite them to the possibilities and opportunities. These resources are highly flexible, to cater to varying needs and circumstances (and group sizes).

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  • 01. Employability Skills: What are they?

    We asked a range of employers, parents and carers about employability skills, and why they’re so important to a young person’s education and career.

  • 02. Michaela’s Journey: Communication

    This is Michaela’s story of how she’s helped her son Ewan develop his communication skills in preparation for a career as a mechanical engineer in the Navy.

  • 03. Bob’s Journey: Teamwork

    Leading a team of people requires great teamwork skills. Leon wants to manage a hotel, so his grandfather Bob’s been helping him improve this key employability skill.

  • 04. Wendy’s Story: Self Belief

    How can you help your young person develop their self-belief? Wendy’s been on that challenging journey with her 14 year old son Lewis, and shares her experiences here.

  • 05. Joel’s Journey: Problem solving

    Joel and his daughter Anise were brought closer together by a devastating loss. With Joel’s help, she’s improving her problem solving skills to pursue a career in nursing.

  • 06. Nazam’s Journey: Self-management

    Nazam’s daughter Sairah has her sights set on being a primary school teacher. With her parents’ support and encouragement, she’s working on her self-management skills.

Digital Employability Skills

  • Introduction

    Jacob describes his experiences.

  • Communication

    The importance of communicating.

  • Self-Management

    The importance of self-management.

  • Confidence

    The importance of confidence.

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