Understanding Careers in Digital & IT

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In this Webinar, ‘Understanding Careers in Digital & IT’, we highlight the significant role and opportunities in the tech and digital sector in West Yorkshire, particularly in Leeds. The Webinar covers the demand for various IT roles, the importance of digital skills, and how local industries and businesses integrate technology. The session also touches on personal career paths, the significance of self-teaching, and advice for aspiring IT professionals.

Tech Hub of the North: Leeds is celebrated as a leading city in the UK for tech innovation and start-ups, particularly outside London.

Diverse Career Opportunities: Over 50,000 individuals are employed in tech and digital roles across West Yorkshire, indicating a robust job market.

Cybersecurity and Data Analysis: Highlighted as in-demand skills, with a strong need for professionals to protect digital infrastructure and analyse data.

Creative and Technical Skills Merge: Roles such as digital content creation, UX design, and digital marketing are increasingly important.

Essential Digital Literacy: Emphasises the critical need for basic digital skills for all, noting a skills gap in the local population.

Self-Teaching and Agile Methods: Personal anecdotes from speakers underline the value of self-directed learning and agile methodologies in career development.

Diverse Industries Embrace IT: From finance and fashion to healthcare and gaming, various sectors in West Yorkshire actively seek IT and digital professionals.

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