Attainment raising

One of the key priorities of the Uni Connect programme is to deliver evidence-based collaborative activity to raise attainment at Key Stage 3, and into and through Key Stage 4, in local state secondary schools. The aim of the attainment raising is to improve the academic achievement (grades) of learners and their opportunities to access higher education.

Think and Go Higher –

GHWY’s Uni Connect attainment raising programme

Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY), working in collaboration with our Higher Education Providers and stakeholders, taking in to account sector wide evidence, devised a 6 week attainment raising programme.

This structure and sustained programme is aimed at years 8, 9 and 10 and focuses on increasing the attainment of learners via the development of their metacognitive skills.

The programme aims to improve metacognitive skills which focus on processes used in planning, monitoring, critical thinking, communicating knowledge and applying logic, resulting in learners being more effective and efficient in their learning. The outcome of improving these skills will result in improved attitudes to learning and academic self-efficacy, which will increase attainment amongst learners.

The programme is delivered by our trained Outreach Officers based in our Higher Education Providers. Please note – we are only able to offer the structured programme delivered by Outreach Officers with select target schools. The sessions, featured below, are designed so they can be delivered independently by school staff. They can be delivered as stand alone sessions or part of a programme.


Attainment raising webinar

Following our pilot year (2022-23) of delivering our attainment raising programme, Think and Go Higher, we delivered an dissemination event to share an overview of the programme as well as the key outcomes.

The event was aimed at those who wish to develop their knowledge around metacognition and its links with attainment raising, as well as information about our development of the programme and key outcomes. A full report of initial findings can also be found here

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