Exploring Career Opportunities in Professional Services for Young People

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This webinar, hosted by Go Higher West Yorkshire, aimed to provide a comprehensive look into the professional services sector, focusing on job roles, career progression, and the importance of accessibility to higher education. The discussion included insights from various industry professionals and educators, highlighting pathways into professional services through both university and apprenticeships.

Key Learnings:

Variety of Roles and Sectors: Professional services encompass a range of fields including banking, finance, legal, and consultancy roles. These sectors offer diverse opportunities for career advancement and are integral to the economic health of regions like West Yorkshire.

Importance of Apprenticeships: Apprenticeships are increasingly recognised as a viable route into professional services, providing practical experience alongside education. They are especially pivotal in making these careers accessible to underrepresented groups.

Skill Development: Key skills valued in professional services include analytical and problem-solving abilities, digital literacy, and strong communication skills. These are crucial for navigating the complex environments of such roles.

Challenges and Solutions: The webinar addressed challenges faced by disadvantaged youth, such as access to opportunities and the need for career readiness support from educational institutions. Solutions discussed included more proactive engagement with schools and parents, mentoring programs, and enhanced career education.

Future Trends: The sector is experiencing rapid growth, with an emphasis on digital transformation and global expansion. This evolution requires a workforce that is adaptable and equipped with a robust skill set.

The webinar effectively highlighted the dynamic nature of professional services and the various pathways young people can take to enter these fields. It underscored the importance of education, practical experience, and ongoing skills development in building a successful career. Additionally, it stressed the role of educational institutions and businesses in supporting aspiring professionals through accessible learning opportunities and career guidance.

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