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Video Showcase - Students perception of studying higher education

Video Showcase - Learn about different types of courses

Video Showcase - Students opinion about finance and budgeting

  • How have the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) helped you?

  • Were you concerned about the cost of Higher Education before you applied?

  • Do you think the wider benefits will outweigh the costs of Higher Education?

  • Have you had to spend a lot of money on course materials?

  • Are you worried about paying back your student loan?

  • What’s the best deal you’ve got with your student discount?

  • What advice would you give regarding accommodation?

  • Have you received any extra financial support?

  • Do you have a part-time job?

  • How do you manage travel costs to placements?

  • How did you find the process of applying for Student Finance?

  • What advice would you give to someone worried about the cost of Higher Education?

  • What is your best budgeting tip for new students?

  • Have you developed money management skills since you have been in Higher Education?

  • What would you say to worried parents about the financial implications of going to university?

  • Year 11 Support Guide

    An easy-to-follow booklet that takes the complexity out of understanding your options for further and higher education, such as outlining the differences between the two, what course attainment levels mean, tips for interviews and meetings, FAQs and more.

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  • ‘Shape Your Future’ Workbook

    Download our new interactive Higher Education Workbook for everything you need to know about ‘Your Next Steps'.

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  • Go Higher in healthcare handbook

    This handbook has been designed to help you explore jobs and careers in healthcare. Thinking about your future career options whilst you are still at school is a good idea. It can help you to decide what activities to do in your spare time and which subjects to choose. It can also help you to choose the most useful work experience opportunities.

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  • Parent and Carer Guide

    This guide contains key information you may need to be aware of when supporting your young person through their education journey.

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  • Parent and Carers Attainment Raising Guide

    You will find this guide packed full of information and activities to support your child or dependant in raising their attainment via developing metacognitive skills. But what is Attainment Raising, and why is it important?

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  • Disabled Learners Transition Pack

    Welcome to Go Higher West Yorkshire's Disabled Learners' Higher Education Transition Pack! This resource has been designed to support you on your own journey into Higher Education (HE). Making decisions about your future has never been easy and there is lots of information out there which can be overwhelming. We hope that this transition pack will help you to easily access information about the timelines, processes and support to enable you to progress into a destination of your choice. We understand that starting HE is a big step, one that often begins a long time before you finally arrive there. For many students who have received support or adjustments at school or college the transition to university can be confusing and hard to navigate, not least because the language and terminology used about Special Educational Needs (SEN), disability and support is very different. This can prevent some students from accessing the support they need.

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  • Digital Skills

    Classroom activities and resources to help your students understand more about digital skills.

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