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Video Showcase - Students opinion about finance and budgeting

  • How have the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) helped you?

  • Were you concerned about the cost of Higher Education before you applied?

  • Do you think the wider benefits will outweigh the costs of Higher Education?

  • Have you had to spend a lot of money on course materials?

  • Are you worried about paying back your student loan?

  • What’s the best deal you’ve got with your student discount?

  • What advice would you give regarding accommodation?

  • Have you received any extra financial support?

  • Do you have a part-time job?

  • How do you manage travel costs to placements?

  • How did you find the process of applying for Student Finance?

  • What advice would you give to someone worried about the cost of Higher Education?

  • What is your best budgeting tip for new students?

  • Have you developed money management skills since you have been in Higher Education?

  • What would you say to worried parents about the financial implications of going to university?