Digital Skills

The Digital Skills Project, in collaboration with Leeds Enterprise Partnership, offers your young people an opportunity to understand the importance of digital skills for future progression and employability prospects and develop confidence with using the ‘essential’ digital skills outlined in the governments Digital Skills Framework (2019).

Using these classroom resources

Recommended use for Teachers and Advisors

We recommend that these resources are used in a classroom or group setting in order to engage learners and encourage conversation around the topic area.

However, they can also be used individually and independently.

Please use the teacher and advisor guidance notes for information on use in the classroom.


Each topic areas includes the following:

  • A 2 -3 minute animation introducing the topic area and connecting that skill set to employability and progression
  • A PDF activity which can be used by learners to develop their understanding and confidence with the particular skill set.
  • Teacher/ Advisor guidance notes for how to use the animation and resource in the classroom.

If you wish to discuss use of the resources, please contact our Project Officer, Charlotte Garfoot, at