How you as a HE staff member can help

There are small acts you can do to support disabled students, no matter where you work within a HE provider. We will consider ways in which you can offer support over the next couple of slides. 

It is important that you are guided by the student when offering support – even those with the same disability can have varying challenges / learning needs. 

There is a need to balance growing independence with providing the right support so that students can thrive and grow as individuals while undertaking their HE studies e.g. moving away from home may mean they have to book their own medical appointments for the first time, which can take up time and energy. 

Support offered or available to disabled students in HE may be less than what they had in FE so there is a transition period when additional support is required. 

Insufficient financial support may mean some disabled students work and/or go without food. Look out for signs and signpost to support. 

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