GHWY’s transition pack for disabled learners

GHWY’s free transition pack provides generic advice and student voice on disabilities as they transition to HE.  

The e-resource is aimed at students who are still at secondary school or college but are thinking of, or in the process of, applying to university or HE course in a college or conservatoire. 

It is designed to raise awareness of how disabled students can access appropriate guidance where possible. It captures ‘What do students need?’ and ‘What do HE providers need?’ in order to enhance transition. 

It also includes key information to support educational staff or parents/carers to understand a student’s/child’s diagnosis (or progress of diagnosis) and how that translates in HE; information on DSA/extra provisions; and a roadmap of the HE application process to support them from progress into a destination of their choice.

It also includes a glossary of common terms used across HE, along with top tips and links to useful information, and disabled student stories that may offer useful insight to those starting their HE journey. 

Download the transition pack.