Challenges of disability and impact on learning

Disabled students may face many challenges in HE that can impact their learning. Some of these are common across all disabled students whereas others will be specific to the disability, such as dyslexia. These can add an extra stress and burden to disabled students. 

Challenges include but are not limited to: 

  • Administrative burdens such as filling out forms, applying for support, GP appointments
  • Lack of support / delay in support even if the application for support was filled out early on 
  • Financial challenges due to extra costs, such as transport or having personal assistance  
  • Law vs the reality: despite the Equality Act 2010, many HE buildings are still not accessible 
  • Lack of understanding among staff: many are unaware of how disability impacts learnings 
  • Not being heard / listened to: disabled students may have to repeatedly raise the same issues