Introduction to course

This course is aimed at all staff who work within a Higher Education (HE) provider who may encounter students that have a disability, be that physical, mental, or neurodivergent. This could be any HE student you may come into contact with, whether that is directly tutoring them, or supporting them at a help desk. 

The aim of this online learning is to help you support students who come into HE with a disability. There is a relatively low proportion of disabled learners who progress to HE compared to their non-disabled peers. Therefore, by training staff in HE providers to better support these learners, we hope to enable these students to succeed in HE.  

The course will take approximately 90 minutes and covers the following topics: 

  • Understanding experiences of disabled students 
  • Understanding how this may impact their time in HE 
  • Understanding how to support these students 
  • Where to find more information and resources 

Course objectives

This course is designed to increase your knowledge, understanding and confidence to better support disabled learners who are studying in HE. 

By the end of the course you will: 

  • Have an understanding of some of the challenges faced by disabled students in HE 
  • Have an understanding of support mechanisms that can support disabled students in HE 
  • Understand how you as a practitioner can support disabled students in HE  
  • Know where to signpost disabled students for further support and advice 
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